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Introduction and Analysis of Graphite Mold

Product Description

Graphite mold is widely used in kinds of precision casting. It has advantages of high temperature resistant, high machining accuracy, temperature well-distributed, easy demoded and so on. Graphite mold will be bound to apply in more fields. It is used in casting of copper, aluminum, platinum, gold and steel.

Graphite ingot mold:

1. Graphite molds are one of the most heat-resistant materials at present.

2. With good thermal shock resistance, no cracks will occur when the temperature is hot and cold

3. Excellent thermal conductivity and conductive properties

4. Good lubrication and abrasion resistance

5. Chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to react with most metals

6. Factory supply customized graphite sintering mold Easy to process, good mechanical processing performance, can machining complex shape and high precision mold


The graphite mold has been widely used in following aspects:

1.Continuous casting mold

2. Pressure foundry mold

3.Glass molding with die

4.Sintering mold

5.Centrifugal casting mold

6.Smelt gold, silver, jewelry......

Significant Production Run

Raw material →Medium crushing →Milling →Screening →Dosing→Vibrated →Molding→Impregnation→Baking →Graphitization

The material of graphite moulds have following kinds:

1. Isostatic pressing graphite

2. High pure graphite /Compression molding

3.Vibration molding :0.8mm/2mm graphite

(We are able to provide the right material according to the customer’s operational environment)

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