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Continuous casting graphite mold

There are two types of continuous mold called the vertical (up-drawing) continuous casting and horizontal continuous casting. According to the materials used for the continuous casting process like the brass, red copper, aluminum, trey cast iron, the machine are names an brass continuous casting graphite mold, red copper continuous casting graphite mold, etc.

Brass (Cu-Zn) requires enough open porosity graphite so that the zinc can evaporate in the area of the solidification front. Grey iron requires a graphite resistant to wear abrasion; Alloys containing elements like nickel or cobalt need to reduce chemical attack of the graphite die, high density graphite with Pyrolytic Carbon coatings and high density purified graphite with Pyrolytic Carbon coatings are to be preferentially considered.

Graphite Mold for Continuous Casting: Graphite mold is useful for continuous casting process. In a continuous casting process the pouring and solidification goes non-stops with the casted product being continuously withdrawn from the open end of the mold.

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