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Production Description for Graphite Plate

Production Description.

Graphite plate is made form the domestic petroleum coke and widely used in the metallurgy, machinery, electronics and chemical industry, etc. The graphite plate include molded, extruded, vibrated and isostatic. Our main and most preponderant graphite plate is molded formed. Our products own the following characteristics: low electric resistance, good electric and thermal conductivity, high oxidation resistance, greater resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, high mechanical strength, high machining accuracy and so on.

The advantage of the graphite plates:

1. High tempreture resistance, its fusion point is 3850℃, boiling point is 4250℃. 
2. Perfect thermal resistance property.
3. Excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which takes great advantages over the other materials.
4. Good lubrication
5. Strong chemical stability
6. Low ash content
7. Easily to be machined according to customers' designs.

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