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“Technology Leading Service ” Is The Key Direction of OUZHENG Carbon at Current

“Technology Leading Service ” Is The Key Direction of OUZHENG Carbon at Current Stage.

-------- Former Toyo Tanso Manager Mr. Duan Was Appointed as Our Technical Director.

“Technology Leading Service” is the key direction of OUZHENG Carbon. Under our strategy, we specially invited the former general manager of Toyo Tanso (China Company), Mr. Duan Jingan, to be technical director of our company. In the aspects of graphite material matching, production technology and after-sales issue, we will provide more perfect and accurate solutions subjecting to every customer’s product working information in technological and economical points, which customers will get better cost-effective choice. Our new direction "Technology Leading Service" will be effectively and accurately shown in customers’ service.

Our appointed technical director, Mr. Duan Jingan, has served as the general manager of production and sales          manager of Shanghai Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. He has 12-year experience in foreign enterprise and 8-year                    production management experience; complete experience in production and sales, project establishment, and        operation; familiar with ISO9000 quality system; mature experience in production planning, quality control,             order     management, personnel training, safety production, process improvement, and supplier management.

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