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Precautions for use of Graphite Crucible Products

Precautions for use of Graphite Crucible Products

Graphite crucibles can be divided into pure graphite crucibles, clay crucibles and silicon carbide crucibles. Widely used in non-ferrous metals and precious metals industry, industrial furnace industry, mold industry, glass industry, rare earth industry, photovoltaic industry, laboratory analysis industry and other industrial fields.

Features of graphite crucible:

1. Good thermal stability of graphite crucible.

2. Graphite crucible has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance to ensure the reliability of product quality.

3. Graphite crucible has good resistance to strong acid and alkali.

4. Good thermal conductivity of graphite crucible: can greatly shorten the melting time and save energy.

5. The ash content of the graphite crucible is less than 300pp to ensure that the precious metals are not contaminated during smelting.

Matters needing attention in the use of graphite crucible:

1. Graphite crucible is stored in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent the use of moisture.
2. Graphite crucibles should be handled with care during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to shake or roll, so as not to damage the protective layer on the surface of the crucible.
3. Bake the graphite crucible in advance before use. The baking temperature gradually increases from low to high, and the crucible is continuously turned to allow it to be heated evenly to remove the water in the crucible. Inappropriate heat causes the crucible to flake and burst).
4. The graphite crucible furnace should be matched with the crucible, the upper, lower and surrounding gaps should meet the requirements, and the furnace cover should not be pressed on the body.
5. When using it, avoid direct flame spraying on the graphite crucible body, and spray it on the graphite crucible base.
6. It should be added slowly when adding materials, preferably crushed materials. Do not pack too much or too tight materials to avoid cracking the crucible.
7. The crucible tongs used for loading and unloading should be consistent with the appearance of the graphite crucible, so as not to damage the crucible.
8. The crucible is best to be used continuously, so as to make better use of its high performance.
9. The amount of additive must be added during the smelting process. Excessive use will reduce the service life of the crucible.
10. When the crucible is used, the crucible should be rotated periodically to make it evenly heated and extended for use.
11. When removing slag and sticky coke on the inner and outer walls of the graphite crucible, tap lightly to avoid damaging the graphite crucible.

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