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Wide Application of Graphite Mold2017-05-12

With the development of deep processing of artificial graphite material, the graphite molds have been widely used in industries.

1. Graphite mold for glass blowing and forming

With the characteristics of chemical stability, good heat resistance, nonreactive with molten glass, the graphite material has been the key material in the glass processing.

2. Graphite mold for the continuous casting of nonferrous metal

The graphite material is the most suitable material as the mold for the continuous casting of the nonferrous metal. Its good heat conduction and smooth surface accelerate the casting process and improve the yield.

3. Graphite mold for sintering

It is widely used to make the sintering mold and support of transistor.

4. Graphite mold for pressure casting

The graphite mold is used for the pressure casting to manufacture the copper alloy and other alloy parts, which are widely applied in automobile parts, ect.

5. Graphite mold for centrifugal casting

For better use of the graphite mold, it could take the anti-oxidation method.

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